Monday, January 7, 2008

Creeping Daylight

As I drove into work this morning at "far too early for this urban sloth"™ O'clock for the first time in months there was slight signs even as I started out that daylight would be coming in the near future. The lengthening of the day is now noticeable, this evening I left work in the twilight where last week it would have been dark.

I've been playing, a little, with Apple's spreadsheet software - it's called numbers and I think once I get my head round how it works it will rock all sorts of usefulness, right now I'm using it for that most housewifely of things, a planned menu cum shopping list cum recipe collection. I think I must have been reading too many prairie muffin blogs over the holidays - they are my guilty pleasure. Their version of Christianity normally has me gesturing at the monitor in disgust with the excuses they make for misogyny and bigotory and don't get me started on the young earth creationism. But they do tend to blog recipes a lot and explain how they plan their menus and that bit isn't completely bobbins. I do have to scale down the recipes though and I don't have to cater on the scale that a lot of these families do. I also buy a shit load more vodka too!

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