Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I suppose much like in Dramas, soap operas and TV movies of the week, blogs also suffer from when the main protagonist in this case me, is gently bimbling along in a fairly contented manner. Home life is good, we are getting used to being married, we are going down to London this weekend for a night out or a show depending what we can get and both agree on, but either way it should be fun. I wanna visit a gallery or two and Si will probably want to sigh over the Macs. Speaking of which I think I will need an Ipod touch at some point this year as my nano is getting a touch flaky battery wise, we shall see what happens anyways it's not my birthday til August. But really not that much excitement is happening at the moment, I have work things to sort out and we both have to sell property and buy a house but it's not something that is blog worthy at the moment.

Simon's our laptop is a bit poorly at the moment, the fan runs hot, rough and rowdily if you throw too many apps at it and the M is a bit sticky at the mo which is of a problem so hopefully are going to get the laptop to a fixer upper this weekend before anything else more costly can go wrong, so I will have Si's undivided attention this weekend!

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