Saturday, November 24, 2007

The One Where We Go Christmas Shopping

Dinner At Nandos

We did our bit for Norwich's economy again today, we broke the back of the Christmas shopping and hopefully got a few ideas for the rest of it We then went to see Beowulf which Becky liked but I really didn't enjoy it. The computer animation was competent but still not quite good enough if you are going for the naturalistic look, too many of the characters looked dead eyed but I don't like blood and gore being a bit of a squeamish type which set me against the film and made it too difficult for me to forgive the bits which were just inexcusably bad or unintentionally funny. Grendal's mother materialising with integral 4in heels probably says more about the fantasies of the aminators than anything else and Ray Winstone's accent just made me think of dodgy east end gangster films even though I've never seen any. But Becky enjoyed herself and we had a satisfying dinner at Nando's which was nice.

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