Saturday, September 29, 2007

The dresses have arrived from the States, so Anne and I went

The dresses have arrived from the States, so Anne and I went for the first fitting today (well only fitting for Anne because she is learning the finer arts of oasis manipulation down Hampshire way at the moment and won't be able to get away again until the wedding) We managed to get matching pashminas, make up tips for the wedding, make up for the wedding, other stuff but no shoes for Anne.

I is knackered.

We were up til past two, just putting the world to rights over a glass of wine and catching each other up with the gossip followed by a full day walking around Cambridge has left me as tired as a day splashing about by the seaside. Cambridge would be a great city if it wasn't for the tourists, they stand around like gormless massive pigeons, blocking the pavement and generally not adding much to the ambiance. February is the best time to visit Cambridge, it's generally wet, cold, grey, windy and miserable, but the number of tourists is about its lowest. You can get to the shops, the arts cinema, the market and where you want to be without gaggles of gormless tourists mis-identifying buildings. York is also best in the miserable months for the same reasons.

Simon joined us in Cambridge as there was an Apple shop event going on today and he wanted to be part of the zeitgeist. Which was nice.

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