Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dr D-

The second Sontaren episode has to be possible the worst ever episode of Dr Who since they restarted the series, poorly plotted, totally unrelated to reality, unfeeling, scientifically garbage and full of dull elements. I know that is a science fiction series and you have to suspend disbelief but they seem to be asking us to suspend all thinking as well. The writer, Helen Raynor created a script that read more like the offering of poor amatuer fan fiction writer than a professional, with Martha as the Mary Sue. BBC Wales should be ashamed of itself for allowing this guff to go into production without serious reworking.
  • Dull - Why are we seeing Donna's family? As much as it is nice to see Bernard Cribbins on the small screen, the family time does not seem to move the plot along at all, I don't care about them they are not interesting.
  • Unfeeling - Millions of people must have died in their cars when the ATMOS system started pumping out poisonous gas yet no one seemed to give a damn about all those deaths, with a global disaster like that there would be far reaching consequences yet no one seemed to care
  • Bad Science - Burning the poisonous gas, igniting the atmosphere like that could have severely depleted the oxygen in the atmosphere it would not have left people marvelling at the blue skies about they would have been suffocating because of the lack of oxygen as almost all the oxygen in the atmosphere would have been consumed in the fireball which also seemed to be moving as hypersonic speeds across the planet. It is beyond stupid to have this as the getting out of jail free manoeuvre and shameful hasn't anyone at the BBC been on fire training recently.
  • Reality - Martha is in UNIT, it's not clear whether she's taken the Queen's shilling and now in the military or a civilian member of the organisation. She's a doctor, a very junior one at that, who seems to have had no specialist military training so why is she allowed to push aside trained people from their computer screens? The British Armed forces do not swan around in their best uniforms when at work unless something special is going to happen like collecting a medal or a court marshal. The Army prefer to wear their greens whenever possible and that includes the officers, they don't salute if they are not wearing a hat/beret, they don't tend to wear hat/berets indoors unless they are going to get a bollocking off their commanding officer.
Finally this is meant for children, children deserve better than this sloppy, lazy writing, the cast seem to be valiently trying but sorry it was awful.

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