Friday, February 8, 2008

Doing Lunch Fenland Style

I met up with my mum for lunch yesterday and to look at tiles for my old flat so that we can get on and sell it. I've choosen my tiles but Kevin the Tile didn't ring like his boss said he would do today so I'm going to have to ring them on Monday. But anyhoo tile choosing didn't take too long as all the tiles had to do was fit in the centre of my mental Venn diagram in being cheap, not being too bogging and not emphasising any flaws in the kitchen walls.

We ended up going to Dunelm for lunch as it was close and time was short, they've got a little coffee shop and pannine place to the side, it was wasn't chocka but it was busy with women of a certain age taking their doddery mothers for a day out round the home furnishings and younger women round my age "doing lunch" It's not exactly Harvey Nicks but then again where is? The coffee was nice and the food not awful so it must be good enough to draw in the ladies of the near by business estate for lunch.

We then admired the artificial flower collection in the shop. Some of them were very good facsimiles of their flowers and some seemed to revel in their artificiality to great effect such as the over sized soft sage green poppies. Thing is I'm still 75% sure that artificial flowers are terribly naff, but there were some fab black rose buds with velvet petals my inner goth was going want now.

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