Thursday, December 27, 2007


I don't like crowds, I don't like queuing and I don't like the argy bargy of the Sales at full pelt. I've politely declined a joint trip to Peterborough with my Mum to pick over the shops tomorrow on this basis, plus I don't get paid until Monday.

I did brave the out of town Next to get bits for Simon's Granddad's 80th birthday present, which was today, it was chaos in there, I was lucky because I was looking in the home furnishings department there was a lot less busyness to fight through. I had to park five minutes up the road and walk to the shops across the way at Halfords the car parks were not full but the road out was completely chocker not moving, not good for encoraging business.

I came home listening to Radio 4 giving its first reports on the assassination of Benazir
Bhutto. The news is shocking and worrying for Pakistan's immediate future, as her death leaves a gap at the head of her party and what ever happens in the Pakistan's near (before it get's posponed) general election, someone or other will be able to claim that it was an unfair election because of her death and it will the headcases the excuse they needed to go on the rampage. To be honest I don't have the foggiest what will happen next but I doubt it will be good.

Finally it's two months into being an old married, just so that we don't end on a completely depressing note.

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