Sunday, August 12, 2007

Useful shopping

We went to Saint Neots on Saturday with my Mum to sort decorations for the cake. That sorted we had a look at the stalls of the small market on the square. It was more farmer's market than fruit and veg. Local cheeses, chilli plants and chillis, superior plants, organic free range eggs and chicken and game and superior curry cook in sauces.

Drawn to the curries I tasted the garlic and chilli pickle and was completely smitten, it packs a punch but isn't just about the heat. We now have a pot of the pickle sitting in the fridge and the kitchen smells delish.

And then there were these
Pots of Magic
little pots of pure magic, even if I never use them in anger the colours are fantastic and owning them makes me smile. A worthwhile buy I would say

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