Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Princess Tiaamii.

I actually sort of like Jordon and Peter André, not enough actually make any effort to read about them or buy their record from the other year or watch a programme about them if there was anything better on (better being almost anything from the umpteenth rerun of how they make chocolates on Playaway, a seminal film I'm sure you would agree)

but they seem to make a happy couple and it keeps tabloid journalists happy with the innocent campness of it all.

But... But....

Congratulations on the birth of their daughter and all but what were they thinking with the naming thing? "Princess Tiaamii." It's cruel the poor wee girl is going to get teased from the get go. It's also a form of self aggrandisement by the parents "arn't we special and a cut above the rest by being so original" instead it comes across as being uber chav and stupid. Poor kid at least she can change it when she grows up.

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